Why ZLX?

ZLX specialises in providing senior experienced personnel in the fields of engineering and finance to collate information and data in order to provide expert reports that will combine to generate high end qualification to HMRC for engineering related tax credits.

So why select ZLX?

The most important business policy for the ZLX business is to focus first on the engineering, and then on the finance.

This enables the results to be accurate and precise and at the same time encapsulate all the relevant costs when adding the finances to a detailed copious engineering report.

Not all companies that operate in the field of engineering related tax credits / allowances operate in this manner.

However ZLX have found this method to be highly advantageous to clients and receptive to HMRC.

The ZLX Compliance Department exists to qualify every HMRC report before being submitted to HMRC. This rigorous process protects clients from documents being submitted to HMRC with information that falls outside the lengthy and sometimes complicated qualification criteria and ensures every submission is scrutinised and re-evaluated before submission to HMRC.

ZLX will guarantee to maximise your claim within the qualifying boundaries of the HMRC guidelines.

Business plan for the future

At ZLX we don’t just collate information over the previous 3 years and produce 2 accounting period claims. We look at the company strategy for the future. By producing a business plan going back 3 years and forward 3 years, the company can have a clear understanding of where they have invested money, made returns and where the business is heading in the future. By considering the future of the business as much as the past, business owners can use the plan to increase their investment knowing exactly what R&D tax credits will be paid and also how best to show this expenditure in their accounts. These plans also help company owners and senior managers look at where their industry is heading and consider their strategy for future growth.