Are you looking for UK Government business grants?

90% of businesses like yours do not realise that they qualify for this Government incentive.

Research & Development Tax Credits are a Government incentive designed to reward UK companies for investing in innovation.

  • Is your business a limited company in the UK that is subject to Corporation Tax?
  • Has your business spent money developing new products, processes or services?
  • Have you spent money on enhancing existing ones?

You could be eligible for R&D tax relief, an incredibly valuable source of cash. Our average R&D tax claim for our customers is £77,000.

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    Are you a UK Registered company eligible to pay Corporation Tax?

    Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, the services we offer are only available to companies registered in the UK to pay Corporation Tax. If you’re looking to open a business in the UK then please don’t hesitate to contact us on

    ZLX is a specialist R&D Tax Credit consultancy. We don’t just help businesses process claims, we maximise them.

    No upfront fees

    We are so confident of our success, we will only charge you if we are successful. No financial risk for you. No hidden charges or surprises.

    100% success rate

    Our experienced team specialise in R&D Tax Credits. That enables us to maintain a 100% success rate.

    We do 90% of the work

    We make the process as painless and hassle free as possible and need just a few hours of your time.

    Our average tax claim for our customers is £77,000.

    The HMRC average is £54,000

    ZLX has helped process claims for companies in almost every sector

    Our specialists have helped process successful claims for businesses in the following sectors:

    Manufacturing/engineering companies

    Food processing companies

    Construction and Building companies

    Coffee and Food shops, Pubs and Bars

    Auto dealerships, Auto Parts

    Taxi Hire, Car and Van rental

    Cleaning and Hygiene companies

    Printing companies

    Events and Hospitality companies

    IT and Marketing companies

    Software Developers

    Oil and Gas

    And many more... ZLX list over 40 industries

    If you are not sure if your business qualifies, talk to us and don’t miss out.

    What qualifies for R&D tax relief?

    R&D activity varies depending on the industry and the scope is huge. The key activities must be part of a specific project to make an advance in science or technology. The project must also relate to your company’s trade.

    Has your business:

    Looked for an advance in Science and Technology?

    Had to overcome uncertainty?

    Attempted to overcome this uncertainty?

    Solved an uncertainty that couldn't be easily worked out by a professional in the field?

    If your company can demonstrate that they worked to solve an issue and somehow advanced the overall knowledge in their field/industry, you could qualify.


    R&D tax relief allows you to claim back the costs of items that are directly used and consumed in qualifying R&D projects. According to HMRC, as of 30 June 2020, £5.3bn of R&D tax relief support has been claimed for 2018-19 by businesses.

    Staff costs


    Externally provided workers



    The process is quick and easy with the help of ZLX

    Book a free assessment

    Receive and agree your welcome pack

    Information gathering

    ZLX will write up your claim

    Receive your R&D Tax Credit

    Find out if you qualify

    Claim back over 2 years. Depending on the company's year-end we can claim for your two previous tax years. In the first year we can usually process two claims. So, an average of £154,000 (2 x £77K)

    What our clients are saying

    We would highly recommend ZLX to anyone interested in applying for R&D tax credits. Their service was friendly, professional, and efficient and they really helped take the headache out of the entire process.

    James Anderson

    NorthColour Ltd

    ZLX completed our R&D Tax Relief claim, the tax saving and cash rebate that have been realised have made a massive difference to our company.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending future clients to ZLX. If you are considering making an R&D Tax Relief Claim then please look no further.

    Managing Director

    EOS Europe

    Working with Tim from ZLX was a positive experience for us. He advised, managed and completed our R&D tax claim with the minimum of fuss. This meant we could get on with the important business of managing our organisation, safe in the knowledge that our best interests were being looked after. As a result, we can highly recommend ZLX should other businesses be looking for a partner that brings expertise, efficiency and professionalism in their approach to R&D tax claims

    Managing Director

    Catalyst Interiors

    Understanding the clients needs and scalability. Showing empathy and professionalism. Offering personalized services and valuing relationships. You will find all by partnering with ZLX.
    They helped us in end to end planning and finalization of an R&D claim that resulted in maximizing our claim up-to twice as much as we had last year!

    Executive Head

    Currency Exchange Company

    Stephen & Ray, if I’m honest I never thought I’d be writing this email to you both BUT I’m ABSOLUTELY THRILLED that I am! My Finance Manager has just informed me that ZLX have made payment today of our R&D Tax Claim for the year 2018. Of all the years to have met you both and for ZLX to have delivered, as they said they would, on behalf of my Team, I would like to thank you both very much. I look forward to talking about how we approach the 2019 claim.

    Managing Director

    Event Production Company

    ZLX promised to work alongside our accountant throughout the process, which they did. The outcome of the whole process was that we received an unexpected amount of money back from the HMRC that I was VERY GRATEFUL FOR. I would recommend any business owner to investigate the opportunity of a tax relief rebate and I would highly recommend that they put it in the hands of ZLX. ZLX were professional and ethical from the start of the process until the end.

    Eco-friendly Energy Solutions

    This is INCREDIBLE, AMAZING. I actually had to speak to Ray to double check the figures earlier as I was reading whilst on various Zoom calls and couldn’t quite believe the numbers!! Ongoing, I’ll be much more prepared in terms of understanding how to pull the right information together for you.

    Managing Director

    Production & PR company