Capital Allowances Tax

What is Capital Allowances tax relief?

Property Capital Allowances is the tax relief gained by the unknown or sometimes forgotten hidden expenditure in your commercial property. Typically, this includes elements such as heating, lighting, air conditioning, wiring, and security systems – essentially everything that would remain in the building if you tipped it upside down!

All commercial property owners who are UK taxpayers may be eligible to claim Capital Allowances tax relief. Your eligibility depends on several criteria. Although this may seem complicated; ZLX can take this problem off your hands. Our team of experts are here to help you determine if you have unused allowances hiding in your property – just give us a call!


Why Choose ZLX?

  • ZLX will extract the maximum return of your Capital Allowance Tax Relief claim as our team of experts specialise in this area only.
  • ZLX manages all the services in-house – We don’t outsource any of our services.
  • ZLX will achieve your maximum value and every business could take advantage of the hidden extra cash.
  • ZLX will only ask for one hour of your time to establish the qualifying costs and ZLX will then proceed with the process.

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