Why Choose ZLX as your R&D Tax Credit Consultant

There are lots of different types of advisors who can help companies process R&D claims but no service matches the service we provide at ZLX. If you have read our previous blog posts, you’ll notice just how much we shout about the importance of finding the best company to process your R&D claim. After all you want to optimise your claim and put your business in the best position for success.  

At ZLX, it’s our expertise, experience, process and results that keep more and more organisations getting in contact with us. We don’t simply process claims, we maximise them. Below, we’ve listed some reasons why you should choose ZLX as your R&D Tax Credits consultants. 

Our Expertise and Experience  

Expertise and experience are key considerations when choosing a company to process your R&D claim. At ZLX, we have a large team of highly qualified consultants and accountants with years of experience across various different industries, including electronics, engineering and packaging, to name a few. Our Managing Director, Stephen McCallion has thirty years’ experience at the top end of innovative engineering and has been advising companies on R&D tax credits since before ZLX was established. With Stephen and the rest of the team’s expertise, we are able to recognise projects that qualify for R&D tax credits and the qualifying costs relating to each project.  

Our Process 

As with any professional organisation, there are procedures to follow before we engage with a client. Our procedures are thorough to ensure our clients and our business are protected. Ultimately, it’s our process which helps to maximise our clients’ claims. Companies have a legal obligation to provide the correct information and ZLX will guide customers to keep within the guidelines of the HMRC qualification criteria. 

The ZLX process goes through six stages, the last of these stages being when we actually commence the project. Before processing the claim, ZLX will: perform a Companies House check, arrange the first meeting, review contracts, check company credit information, and build timeframes.  

Our Results 

We have worked with clients across numerous sectors and each claim we process has a 100% success rate.  We don’t just process claims, our aim is to maximise them. Whilst the HMRC average for R&D claims stands at £54,000, the average return figure for the claims we help to process is £77,000. It’s often the case that our are clients are completely unaware that they have worked on a qualifying R&D project and they are shocked to find out how much they can claim back.  

If you believe you have worked on a qualifying R&D project and have carried out qualifying activities, contact ZLX today. The team at ZLX provide seamless support and communication from beginning to end. We appoint a dedicated Account Manager to clients who will complete the process and review it on a regular basis. With ZLX, you can rest assured your business is in the best position to succeed 

No matter where you are in the UK, we have consultants nationwide.