Online Pharmacy R&D Case Study

The R&D Claim Specialists worked alongside ZLX in various HMRC R&D Tax Relief claims and within various sectors.

RDCS worked in unison with ZLX with an online pharmacy based in the Midlands of England, UK.

The pharmacy’s premise is the company that specialises in providing prescription and non- prescription drugs to the general public by offering innovative methods of monitoring and analysis of the patient’s requirements.

A website consultation is arranged and for patients requiring more detailed analysis, the patients GP can authorise personal records to be consulted through an integrated system. This allows the on-line doctor to view and determine the risk of providing the patient with the drug required.

A new innovative development is the integration with video conferencing providing the patient, the GP and the on-line doctor with information and feedback in order to make the right decision for the patient.

An independent prescriber registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) will review the consultation as soon as possible and the patient will be notified once the review is complete.

Once your consultation had been reviewed, you will be informed about whether it’s been approved or refused.

ZLX worked with the Directors of the company to establish what projects and innovation that the company had been working on in the previous two years and their current year.

As in many cases involving R&D Tax Relief credits, the pharmacy company were unaware that they had been carrying out research and development during the building of the company.

The company also embarked on the manufacture of their own range of test kits which can be shipped to the patient in 24 hours. These kits will provide further analysis to reduce risk and ensure the customer receives the correct medication.

These projects were also included in the R&D that was extracted by ZLX and added to the entitlement that the company applied for.

ZLX gathered all the information, worked alongside the company’s accountant and submitted the claim to the HMRC.

The claim was settled within 6 weeks and the company are still clients of ZLX to this day.