Healthcare Business R&D Case Study

The R&D Claim Specialists worked alongside ZLX to provide an HMRC R&D Tax Relief claim for a healthcare business who are based in Birmingham. The claim initiated via a referral from one of the Directors of RDCS by a Director and a partner company of the client. Steve McCallion, a Director of ZLX and Gary Clark of RDCS visited the client at their offices in Birmingham for the first meeting.

During that meeting, the healthcare business spoke of the R&D projects that had been discussed and carried out in the previous two years and the ongoing projects they are currently working on.

Although the Directors of the business thought that they had covered all the R&D within their business, Steve was able to enlighten them on many other projects and process improvements, that they were unaware of.
After the initial meeting there was further correspondence via telephone and email to further establish the ‘storyboard’ of the business. 

Once this was complete Steve of ZLX took a number of weeks to complete the technical narrative and formulated this narrative to fit the criteria for HMRC. Once completed, this was sent back to the Directors for their approval.

Once approved, ZLX’s in house-chartered accountant, Andy Green, worked in unison with the accountants of the client and between both parties agreed the correct computations that could now be submitted to an expert R&D external auditor, for approval.

Once completed, the final Innovation report was presented to both the Directors and Chartered accountant of the healthcare business and once approved by them the claim was submitted to HMRC.

Within 6 weeks, the client had received their Tax Relief entitlement back from HMRC. The amount they received, has allowed them to re-invest back into their company for further R&D and on new processes and improvements.

They do this with the knowledge that not only will this more and likely increase their efficiency within the business but also their profits.

They also have the comfort knowing that the money they re-invested in that year, a percentage of that investment can be claimed back via the same process in the future.

All in all, it was a win-win for our client and the Directors were delighted with the service and professionalism of both ZLX and RDCS.