Football Club Partnerships

There have been many innovative and scientific breakthroughs germinated from football clubs over the years, some of which have been truly ground-breaking, so-much-so they have transposed into other sports and even differing industry sectors, helping shape the modern game and its athletes today.

Research and developments within the sport are playing an even more decisive and critical part in a clubs strive to be the very best. Clubs are now investing heavily in their R&D projects, as they endeavour to identify new ways to help improve players performance, fitness, and health. With this, new monitoring technologies and software are constantly being upgraded and redeveloped in the continual drive for clubs to have the best and fittest athletes in order to stay ahead of their rivals in this global multi-billion-pound industry!

Football players are an ever-increasing financial asset to the clubs, as such they want them to stay fit, healthy and at the top of their performance on a weekly basis. If the worst thing should happen and an athlete is injured, the clubs want them back to peak -fitness as soon as possible, shorter rehabilitation times, improved recovery and physio methods are key… all of which require continual R&D!

It’s not just the players, coaches and sport scientist that are involved in the daily and sometimes unconscious research and development at a club. The stadia, training grounds and other facilities staff are also proving pivotal in the strive for continued perfection and performance utilising new method, processes and procedures. Fan engagement, interactivity, multi-media, club apps are all driving factors to be the best and keep things fresh!

At ZLX we specialise in supporting and partnering premiership and lower league clubs both North and South of the border in producing and managing HMRC compliant reports throughout the R&D process. Our technical, compliance, accountancy and legal teams ensure we are the premium-partner for clubs wanting to get it right, allowing them to claim back the correct returns on their R&D investments.

We have many years expertise in sport related R&D claims, especially football. All of which have helped clubs yield the correct fiscal returns and their heavy investment in innovation.

Our premiership expert team are here to help…!

R&D Tax Credits in Football

Research and Development is now playing a very decisive and critical part in football clubs, allowing them to continuously monitor quality and reliability in the areas where it matters most, from players utilising the very latest in fitness technology and equipment, right through to the technology and unique services utilised within the game at both spectator and multi-media levels.

With this clubs are therefore investing in R&D to identify ways to help improve players performance with the needs of scientific findings. Researching existing problems and looking to address them accordingly. COVID has also played a major part in changing how clubs function and ultimately navigate their way through these tough financial times. Clubs are now working on ways to improve and develop in these ever changing
demands and requirements, pushing to the forefronts of new opportunities and standards within the game.

Areas of research may include:

• Long term fitness levels and wellbeing of the clubs elite athletes
• Injury prevention and rehabilitation methods
• Dietary and nutritional advancements
• Stadium and Training Pitches
• Stadiums Spectator Interaction
• Media and Multi-media
• COVID Compliance Measures

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