2021 Brings A New Set of Trends

With every new year comes a new set of trends. We look forward to predicting Research and Development trends as it helps businesses identify projects that could result in a large cash injection. 

Covid-19 testing and vaccine development

The pharmaceutical industry has always been an industry largely dependent on high-level research and development, perhaps even more so now. Throughout 2021, continued research into COVID-19 testing and vaccinations is a cert. We should expect to see research and development , particularly in testing kits, for example, home testing, rapid testing, and antibody tests. Although two vaccines have been approved here in the UK, vaccination research and development are far from over. Each year, these vaccines will need to be developed.  

COVID has shaken the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, making it quicker and easier to trial drugs and incredibly fast development of vaccines. In 2021, we might also see research and development to advance other vaccines or testing for different viruses or diseases.  

At ZLX we have been surprised that we have found some such companies still unaware of the initiative or too busy to do it correctly themselves.

Contactless methods   

People have been predicting a contactless world for a long time now and the pandemic has only sparked a greater push for contactless methods. ‘Contactless’ has become a buzzword, especially in aviation. As one of the worst-hit industries, the travel industry is researching innovative ways to address the reality of traveling in a post-pandemic environment. In 2021, we should expect to see airports and airlines developing greater contactless experiences for passengers. This will be achieved through developing or enhancing technology such as infra-red scanners, voice control, QR codes, motion control, cameras, telepresence, and mobile app features. 

ZLX look forward to hearing of these many developments and maximising our clients’ claims.  

Video conferencing 

Video conferencing has seen rapid growth during 2020 for obvious reasons and in 2021 it’ll remain as one of the most in-demand business services in the world. Competition in the video conferencing industry is fierce as many businesses are competing for a large market share. In order to stand out from the competition, these businesses need to stay on top of the latest trends for further research and development. Existing video conferencing platforms will look to develop their technology to become more versatile and ready in 2021.  

This technology has been embraced by almost all companies and some of our clients are using or planning to use it as the way they conduct their business even after things become more normal again. We are already looking at claims around integration of these systems.  

The Prime Minister and chancellor or the exchequer are both pushing on the importance of innovation being key to post-Brexit and post-virus growth. We are expecting to hear about additional help in this area to help UK Ltd and attract overseas business and investment.   

All in all, ZLX are looking forward to aiding their clients to achieve their goals.