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There are many industries that simply do not know they can qualify for an R&D tax credit.

Industries such as Events, Care Homes, Construction and even Car Dealers have made successful claims with their internal innovation and development.

Usually the terminology Research and Development (R&D) can make business owners concerned and make the wrong assumptions. For those companies that are still unsure whether your industry has made a claim or your company qualifies for a claim then the best way to put your mind at rest is to contact ZLX on Or phone 0141 739 3377

One phone call can return a claim ranging from £1,000 to £600,000. And this is only for one accounting period. Since you can claim for the last 2 accounting periods, you will immediately benefit from two claims. With the current average claim standing at £54,230 per year per customer. Once you have gone beyond your year end, you will immediately lose the claim from two years before, so don’t delay.

Agricultural Science

Animal health



Car Dealers

Care Homes

Chemical Engineering Companies

Comparison Sites


Design and print Companies

Electrical Engineering

Electronic Repair Companies

Events Companies

Fashion Retailers

Food Manufacturing

Food Science

Freight Forwarding Companies

General Manufacturing


Heating Systems Design


Laboratory Research

Life sciences

Machine Manufacturers

Marine Engineering

Marketing Companies

Motor Sport Engineering

Oil & Gas


Piling Companies

Precision Engineering

Refrigeration Companies

Software developers

Specialist Cleaning Companies

Specialist Power Lifts

Subsea Technology

Technology Companies

Utility companies

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