There is no doubt that collating the correct technical detail and producing a qualifying Innovation Report takes many qualified experts in many technical fields such as Science, Engineering, Software Development, Food Manufacturing and Construction to mention just a few. Without this technical knowledge it would be extremely difficult to produce an expert qualifying report acceptable to HMRC.

At ZLX we invest in these type of individuals who can relate to your business and extract the innovation required to ensure your business receives the maximum legitimate claim possible.

But how difficult is the compliance?

Without a full understanding of the technical issues surrounding each of the clients projects and without a full and clear understanding of the qualification criteria as well as the tax complexities involved in a successful HMRC claim, it is not possible to be completely at ease when HMRC decide to carry out a random check or investigate your claim.

At ZLX we are at ease. Our internal auditing process means we double check every application before submission. We maximise every claim so its very important we are confident in our process. Our external auditor is paid to check every detail of our claims before we press the final submit button.

These auditors are experts in the understanding and qualification criteria both from the technical points and the tax perspective.

As such we provide our clients with indemnity regarding any HMRC claim. Should HMRC decide to carry out a random check, ZLX will deal with the whole investigation from start to finish. Any loss of funds as a result of an HMRC rejected claim will be re-imbursed. We have never had any claim rejected and every investigation has been successfully defended.